• FALA EEIG (European Economic Interest Grouping)

The FALA consortium comprises of x corporates brought together by the requirement to augment capability, experience and competence geographically centred around Africa. Together its members offer adiverse spectrum of products and services increasing capacity and outreach across the continent.

FALA is uniquely proficient, poised and experienced to provide a one stop shop for complex operations in Africa. Cumulative experience provides depth of competence to plan, operate and deliver goods and services throughout the region. Being able to anticipate the Political, Logistical and Cultural regional challenges result in FALA being able to mitigate critical risk factors, and ultimately ensure project value for money and timely delivery.

FALA has a tested relationship working in unison under extraordinary management.

Each carefully selected party provides a skill set, that together, functions as a seamless turnkey operation tailored bespoke to the clients requirements..

FALA is :

A new Corporation, registered in Belgium, created as an EEIG (European Economic Interest Grouping).
By careful partnering creating a long term self sustaining business model whereby commercial activity will both support and subsidise opportunities motivated by the members' demand for corporately responsible projects.