About us

The objective of FALA GEIE


This grouping's objective is to allow a number of companies to get together to reach the goal of implementing the defence and protection of the natural games reserves and the biodiversity policies conducted by the African governments countries facing, among others, the phenomenon of poaching and looting of various protected big games.


FALA stands for "Fight Against Looters in Africa"

FALA intends to:


  • Promote with the EU and national institutions any project intended to the defence of biodiversity in Africa.

  • Putting jointly, by its members, resources, means, competence, complementary products and services as well as coordination of those assets.

  • Contributing to proposals and participation, in its own name and that of its members, to calls for tenders launched by the European Commission.

  • Contributing to the definition of policies and appraisal of means susceptible to reach the objectives outlined in the Convention of Washington CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora).

  • Acting as a head of project and a liaison officer among its members and with the European Commission and/or specialized EU agencies, EIB (European Investment Bank) /or specialized UNO agencies.

  • Creating and maintaining narrow links with the various levels of power of countries beneficiary of contracts financed by the EU.

  • Playing the role of lobbyist and communicator for promoting the interests of its members.

  • Organising and taking part in any event with a view of promoting the existence of the grouping and, via the EEIG, the activities of its members.